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    • Chameleon fitted in a room gives you the ability to change colour, tone and hue to your feeling desires, be if from watching a movie with a group of friends to using it for children sleeping as a dimmable night-light.
    • Download FREE “Chameleon LED” app for full fingertip controls from your smartphone / tablet.
    • In addition from just changing colours this smart lightbulb brings on another level with night-light, bug-light, music sync and a scheduled timer.
    • Designed to work within a closed mesh network enables added security from unwanted access controlling your Chameleon.
    • Chameleon is a E27 screw-cap fitment, LED consumes 7.5W of energy equivalent to regular 40W incandescent lightbulb.


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Wireless Colour Changeable LED Light Bulb with control from Smartphone App

Lighting up your room the way you like it. Chameleon is a colour changeable LED lightbulb controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth through a smartphone. Download the free app “Chameleon LED” to connect and have a good time. Aside from simple colour controls, access to a range of additional funky features such as night-light, bug-light, music sync, a scheduled timer, and ability to connect simultaneous to several Chameleons within a group.

Low ambient night-light is aimed for the bedroom; useful for small children to adults finding their way to the door in the middle of the night.

Invisible lighting, bug-light feature has a preset wavelength tuned higher than 650nm making it virtually invisible to most flying insects and with Chameleon’s low heat signature will be less likely to attract unwanted bugs.

Playing music content from the app and watch Chameleon generate a flashing lightshow, connecting 2 or more will create an amazing ambience synchronised to your Robustus home wireless Bluetooth speakers for an extra house party punch.

Also, great for everyday scheduling on/off timer to work around your busy work schedules like turning on 5 minutes before dusk and then switching off at 10pm for workdays and midnight for weekends.

Chameleon is built around a closed mesh network which puts security first by not allowing unwanted guests to take control unlike other WiFi lightbulbs. Increase coverage by remotely daisy-chaining one bulb to another expands Chameleons reach throughout your home.

Weight 185 g
Dimensions 13 x 8.5 x 7.2 cm
Power supply

AC 110 – 240V 50/60Hz

Light bulb fitting

E27 Edison Screw

Type of bulb


Bulb power


LED Chipset




Colour temperature

2800 – 6300 Kelvin

Luminous flux

550 – 600lm



Wireless connection

Bluetooth v2.1, range: 10m

Operating temperature

0ºC – 40ºC


Wireless mesh connectable (daisy-chain up to 32 bulbs per groupset)

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Yes, this will work as an ordinary white light LED bulb without all the colour changing effects.
  2. A The app “Chameleon LED” is found in Apple Store and Google Play, there is no app support for Windows phones or Blackberry.
  3. A A smart mesh network chipset is built in to relay messages using a routing technique, these message signals are propagated along a path by hopping from one bulb to another until it reaches its destination and significantly increases coverage from smart device to bulbs.
  4. A Check your smart device is up to date with the latest firmware. If Chameleon has previously been paired with another smart device this will require their authorisation to use this bulb; or alternatively restore to factory settings to overwrite previous initialisation settings.
  5. A In “settings”, “authorisation” menu, scan QR code to authorise the guest user into network.
  6. A You can authorise as many users as there are bulbs. (1 bulb = 1 user, 2 bulbs = max. 2 users, 3 bulbs = max. 3 users, etc.)
  7. A Yes, as you’ll need to pair with at least one primary bulb before you can access the app functions and be added into a network.
  8. A Extra bulbs in a single network will be detected when app starts up, or can be manually added in the “control” menu.
  9. A Chameleon bulbs set into groups enables single control of all bulbs in that group; such as several bulbs in living room in one group and some more in the bedroom for another group.
  10. A During start up as long as the bulb is on, the app will automatically scan and compare the firmware of the bulb to check compatibility with the app software. It is advisable to keep the bulb’s firmware up to date.
  11. A A very low emitting light to aid with children sleeping and be just visible enough to find a path to the door at night.
  12. A Any wavelength higher than about 650nm is virtually invisible to most flying insects; the bug-light function is engineered to operate in this light spectrum. Together with modern LED bulb’s low heat signature will be less likely to attract those unwanted bugs.
  13. A Enable to play stored music on a smart device to a Bluetooth home or portable sound system composing a hypnotic pulsing lightshow from Chameleon. Additional connected multiple bulbs around a room creates awesome party effect.
  14. A Control of when the bulb lights are turned on or off, be activate the bulbs by location times of sunrise, sunset or by clock- time of smart device. The bulbs flash memory will store these settings until the bulbs power is physically turned off. Settings will be restored once connection with smart device is re-established or within an active mesh network of bulbs when power is switched back on.