• Backlighting ambience with a bit of romantic flair in a flexible design allowing shape formations to be bent. Adds an extra decorative dimension to dining tables, plants, trees, or shelves during special events and occasions (weddings, birthday parties, baby showers) or in a festive season like Christmas as a fairy lights substitute.
    • Highly conductive copper wires with evenly spaced singular low power LED diodes, encased in a plastic waterproof membrane ensures an even glow throughout the string.
    • Astrum is supplied with connectivity to 2 optional power sources for optimal versatility, 5V DC adapter or 4 x AA battery box (batteries not included).
    • Packaged in a natural sturdy box and can be reused for storing between decorations, low space volume easily pops into the store cupboard at home.
    • Optional bit of kit is ASTRUMC, which is a IR remote control unit that can interconnect with this string light for additional lighting effects. (twinkle flash, fade in, fade out, dimmable brightness levels).


Currently payment is only available within U.K., for our European customers please visit our storefront on Amazon Europe.

10m LED Decorative Starry String Lights (Warm White)

At home, in a restaurant, ASTRUM10 is ideal for creating a backlight ambience around the room or on the dining table to accompany any centre-piece. Wrap around a plant or a small tree trunk in the corner or just unravel and placed along some shelves, mantle-piece adds an extra dimension to any room ambient lighting. Special events and occasions like weddings, dinner, birthday parties, baby showers, seasonal, festive (Christmas), bedroom lighting the list goes as to the amount of decorative possibilities these lights can be used for.

Within a minimal design concept ASTRUM10 is a 10-metre length fairy light, 100 LED diodes are spaced evenly along a highly conductive copper-wire encased in a waterproof plastic membrane. Our thought of supplying a choice of mains power adapter or battery box to power the light string gives the you the user more versatility in where and how to setup your decoration.

In addition to these string lights befitting your décor our ASTRUMC accessory is an infrared remote control-box which adds some extra fun features to ASTRUM10; a slow pulse to fast flashing twinkle effect, fading in and out, dimmable lighting levels all at your fingertips.

Weight 241 g
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 8.2 cm
Supplied Power Adaptor

• Power supply: 5V, 1,000mA @ 110-240V AC 50/60Hz
• Compliance: CE

Supplied Battery Case

• Power supply: 4 x 1.5V AA batteries

Light String

• Material: Copper wire
• Length: 10 metres
• Waterproof rating: IP67
• Number of Lights: 100
• Type of bulb: LED
• Colour temperature: 2700 – 2900 Kelvin

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Essentially only the copper wire with LED’s is waterproof and can be submerged into water. The rest of the string light is not water or weatherproof, do not immerse or expose this part to water.
  2. A Patience is need to untangle copper-wire needs to handle with care as the wire can be snapped and will cause a lighting fault in Astrum string light.
  3. A There is not much to do with a snapped wire except buying a replacement.
  4. A The battery box has 1 small philips screw holding the lid in place, just unscrew this to open lid.