Have you been shopping for wireless Bluetooth audio products lately? This could be anything from wireless speakers, to headphones, to even a smartphone. If so, you may have noticed the mention of aptX in the description. If not, no doubt it’s something you’ve glanced over; after all, technology these days seems to be packed with features we’ve never heard of.  aptX technology is something a little different that is worth knowing about. This technology takes music streaming to the next level, delivering CD-like quality sound over Bluetooth. It is a key product differentiator in more than 300 leading audio brands for gaming products, mobile devices, speakers, headsets, and more.

How does aptX work?

The issue with Bluetooth is that the maximum available bandwidth is limited, which means it is not suitable for delivering top quality audio. That is until Bluetooth aptX came about, which is now, understandably, considered the secret weapon of the music industry. aptX is a number of proprietary audio codec compression algorithms that solves the issue of sending the full music bandwidth over Bluetooth, as it reduces the size of the audio files so that they can be squeezed through the limited bandwidth Bluetooth allows. It does this without reducing the sound quality of the files. This means that, no matter where you go, you can experience CD-like quality audio.

Benefits of aptX products compared with those that do not have aptX

  • Exceptional Bluetooth stereo audio quality – As touched upon earlier, the sound quality associated with aptX Bluetooth is outstanding, which is why this is the preferred choice. No matter whether you’re using your phone or wireless speakers, you can expect quality that is equivalent to that of a CD.
  • No dualling effects – Another benefit of aptX is that there are no dualling effects with other algorithms, as the transcoding is non-destructive, giving you peace of mind.
  • Time Domain ADPCM is used – As opposed to Psychoacoustic marking, the Time Domain ADPCM principle is used. While both are forms of compression, time domain ADPCM is beneficial because it means that the files are smaller, as fewer bits per sample are utilized.
  • Sync and latency issues are reduced – There is nothing more frustrating than waiting what seems like a lifetime for an audio file to be synced, only to then discover you need to start again! With aptX, you don’t have to worry about such issues, as low audio coding delay ensures they are minimised significantly.
  • Backward compatibility – When aptX is unavailable, the music will keep flowing, as the target device will pair down to SBC codec.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with the use of aptX, which is why we include it in a number of our products here at Teknub, including our Bluetooth home speaker, Robustus, our Bluetooth headphones, Sonic, and our wireless sports earphones, Sprint.