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Ideal combo for a ‘little soirée’

Having a party or want to relax after a hard day? Why not connect our Chamaeleon LED bulbs and Robustus home speakers together to create an ambience to suit your mood?

When connecting Robustus through Bluetooth you can link up to as many as 32 designated Chameleons with your smart device – compatible with any iOS and Android devices.

Robustus Bluetooth home speakers will bring great entertainment into your home. Whether you choose to listen over-the-air from your smart-device, computer or music player – our products are simple to use. Your favourite music tracks will be easily accessible in no time at all.

Chameleon – our wireless colour changeable LED lightbulbs can be controlled by your finger tips from our app. This can be easily installed on your smart-device for the ultimate sensory experience. Use as a stand-alone or connect collectively into a group of bulbs to give you options for the best experience. Additional features include a night-light, bug-light, music sync and a timer which can be scheduled to your liking.

For the ultimate sensual experience:

  • Enable Bluetooth on your smart-device and connect with Robustus
  • Download the “Chameleon LED” app and connect with Chameleon
  • In the app, select the tunes symbol from the menu and playback selection from your music library
  • Music from your smart-device will then be wirelessly streamed to Robustus speakers and integrate effortlessly with Chameleon.

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With so many international technological consumer brands to choose from, you may ask why Teknub? Our answer is really quite simple, to bring a range of future trending high quality products into the community at a reasonable price which have passed our stringent product testing.

We keep up with current market trends to define our future products by continuously gathering intelligence through many channels. These include partnerships with tech magazines and frequent visits to technology exhibitions to collaborate ideas and put into reality.

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